Performance Analytics PARTNER

For application development companies that offer a reporting product, BI can become your Performance Analytics Partner to serve both your organization and your clients with best in class reporting and analytics functionality.

Our goal is to help you, your organization and your clients measurably strengthen business outcomes.

Reporting capabilities against application databases or operational data stores (ODS) have been added by most vendors to stay competitive, but it’s not the primary focus of the vendor organization and usually provides a modest library of operations-oriented reports with little or no Analytics and very limited Analytics support. There is an opportunity to differentiate yourself and strengthen your competitive advantage. Partner with BI!

BI can be your Analytics Partner to ensure your customers receive the highest value from your product. The BI Team will apply Analytics Best Practices to strengthen customer value and appeal. We will also mentor your Analytics team to provide your organization with the knowledge and skills to enhance and maintain it – for less expense than you’re paying now.

Analytics Development and Support

When you think about the questions your customers ask about your application data – with and without other data sources – you can offer your customers a unique suite of reports, analytics and extract/transform/load (ETL) processes that will strengthen your customer satisfaction, retention and profitability.

Analytics products and services for customers is one consideration, but internal Analytics development and support is another. Skilled, experienced Analytics resources are scarce. Consider using a single team for developing customer-facing Analytic applications, as well as internal Analytics applications. The variety will keep your Analytics team more satisfied and productive.

BI Performance Analytics Advisors can help you renew and strengthen all of your Analytics products and services.

Advisory Services

One-on-one and small management team discussions that analyze and identify business processes that have the highest correlation to financial outcomes is the objective. Developing your ability to use reporting and analytics tools to answer your own questions is the result. When you’re ready, helping your management team learn how to answer their own questions – while learning from the questions you have answered – will increase your organization’s IQ. More…


High performing organizations have learned that immediate access to required information produces better decisions that generate the best results. Three things are required: appropriate Analytic technology platform; Analytic technology knowledge and skills in IT to implement and maintain those technologies; and Analytics knowledge and skills in business units to know how to ask questions and get answers.

Based on a Performance Analytics Certification Program that is about to be offered at a leading New England university, these training courses are customized for clients and provide integrated technology and business process knowledge and skills to align and empower the organization. More…


Skilled, experienced business analytics resources are scarce. The BI Team can provide leadership and continuous learning to develop the knowledge and skills in your business analytics resources, as we work with them to develop and/or enhance your Analytics deliverables. More…