performance analytics consulting

Transforming information into action is a process that, when you “do it right the first time,” generates a high return on investment. BI Consulting Services are offered to augment client resources to:

  • Develop analytic models for business users to explore and discover new insights into quality, productivity and cost dynamics
  • Develop and deploy operations and management reports to satisfy the need for business user self-service
  • Implement data warehouse and data mart models that are optimized for reporting
  • Integrate required data from disparate sources
  • Design and develop data warehouse architectures
  • Provide security and administration to maintain a productive, secure and reliable Performance information platform

Performance Analytics Assessment

The first step is to analyze how business processes and analytics support strategic initiatives and identify opportunities for improvement.


Developing analytic models that reflect an organization’s thinking structure, re: the organization, customers, products, competitors, et al, and presenting that information to business users to explore and discover the cause and effect of business dynamics that promote sustained high performance is the goal…and the opportunity.


From summary reports to detail reports, every organization has the ability to empower all employees with current, accurate information about everything they need to know to do the best job possible. Defining these information requirements, developing automated process to generate these information deliverables and providing training and coaching that empowers employees to use the information to optimize quality, productivity and efficiency are the tasks.

Data Modeling

Developing functional data marts and an enterprise data warehouse is an iterative process that can be very time-consuming and expensive if not properly analyzed, architected, designed and developed. With over 20 years of experience across most major industries and strategic business units, the BI Consulting Team has solid experience successfully translating client business information needs into actionable information.

Data Integration

Establishing “one copy of the truth,” requires integrating data from multiple, disparate applications data bases. Understanding what data to import and translating functional applications terminology into a standard organization lexicon requires both a high level of competence with extract, transform and load (ETL) tools and processes, as well as serving as an effective political moderator between business groups that have grown accustomed to using their own data with their own terms, regardless of what other business units were doing.

Data Warehouse Architecture

While enterprise data warehouse architectures and processes reflect the needs of each organization, there are standards and best practices that can be employed to minimize time and cost, as well as maximizing value. Since 1990, the BI Consulting Team has been developing data warehouse reporting solutions for clients. During that time, we’ve learned a great deal. We transfer that knowledge to clients through a phased developmental program and hands-on training to ensure the data warehouse can be effectively enhanced and modified to serve future business needs.

Security and Administration

Maintaining a data warehouse reporting platform consumes very little time and expense when best practices are applied. Defining security roles and business user security profiles dramatically reduces the IT reporting development backlog, as well as manages the information business user can see. Automating ETL processes, backup and restore procedures, report generation and deployment and much more can make a meaningful difference in the time and cost required for IT to develop and maintain a high performance data warehouse.