Performance Analytics ADVISORY SERVICES

BI Advisory Services provide executives and management teams with an Analytics orientation and individual or team coaching sessions to ensure the organization’s leaders possess the vision, knowledge and ability to effectively lead their Analytics-driven organization.

Performance Measures

We know you know about your business results – “what happened,” but many times we don’t know “why” it happened? Information technology has dramatically improved our ability to gather hard and soft data that can provide customer, product, organization and market/competitive insight from all business processes. Selectively, but progressively gathering and analyzing this information enables us to measure and understand the activities that generate those results that you know. This is how you empower continuous improvement. This is our goal.

Performance Analytics Planning

With performance measures defined, the reporting and analytics that provide performance feedback to all employees can be defined and deployed in a very productive manner. Dashboards, scorecards and standard reports become personalized through security profiles, so everyone will know how their individual and team performance is contributing to the organization’s goals and objectives.

This process enables management to evolve into performance coaches and mentors, which is a very different role for many managers in most organizations. BI Analytics Advisors work with managers to understand how they can most productively serve their team and the organization.

Executive Advisory Services

One-on-one and small management team discussions that analyze and identify business processes that have the highest correlation to financial outcomes is the objective. Developing your ability to use reporting and analytics tools to answer your own questions is the result. When you’re ready, helping your management team learn how to answer their own questions will increase your organization’s IQ and earnings per share.

Executive Analytics Orientation

Knowing how to use Executive Analytic tools is a requirement in today’s information economy. Many times, however, seasoned executives struggle to relate to IT Analytics experts. BI Executive Analytics Advisors are experienced business people who know how to guide executives to learn how to use relevant information tools. After all, if you know how to run a company or a major business unit within a company, how hard could it be? Not hard at all…when you have someone you can relate to and who understands your questions to show you how to use these executive-friendly analytics tools.. You can do it…we can do it.