The BI Analytics Architecture is the results of over 20 years of developing data warehouse and business intelligence solutions for clients. The model provides a well-defined path with all of the processes, considerations and data transformation steps to complete between analytic data sources and business user access.

Solutions ArchitectureEnterprise Data Warehouse

An enterprise data warehouse (EDW) provides immediate access to a single source of current, accurate enterprise information to support reporting and analytics. Developing an EDW is an iterative, ongoing process because business dynamics change and business user analytic questions become more sophisticated as their analytic skills increase.

The BI EDW Solution considers application data sources, the extract transform and load processes that integrate and refine data from data sources to user access, and the various data repositories that store the progressively refined data. More...

Business Analytics Platform

Transforming information into stakeholder value is the objective. Considering the varying types of users, from casual viewers to statistical analysts, a range of business user tools and resources are needed. IT and the various business user communities share data marts ownership and administration, which provides each business community with all information needed to support reporting and analytics. A suite of business analytics tools serve all users with the level of access and analytic manipulation desired. Libraries enable shared learning and building on the knowledge of the team. Portals provide secured access to the right tools and information for all users. More...