Performance Analytic Resources

This is your link to Performance Analytics templates, white papers, Thought-leader websites, and every other resource we can find to help all of us continue learning about how to maximize the value of Analytics.

Analytic Solution Templates

Rather than “reinventing the wheel” on every project, the BI Team uses BI Analytic Templates, developed and progressively refined on prior engagements, to quickly satisfy client requirements, saving significant project time and cost. More…

Thought Leaders

“The more I learn, the less I know.” I’ve said that a thousand times. As a student of Analytics, I am drawn to continue learning from the thought leaders in related fields. I’m sure the list will continue to grow. In no particular order, here are links to the people I have and am learning from. More...

Analytics ROI Template

The BI Analytics Team has developed and refined an Analytics ROI model over the years. Calculating Analytics ROI aggregates the short-term resource time and expense reduction for developing and deploying reports, and the longer-term revenue gains and expense reductions from performance analytics being used to streamline business processes and identify opportunities for growth. The BI Analytics ROI template can be downloaded with this link.

When all SBUs and LoBs are included, and when the actual revenue gains and expense reductions are recorded, the Analytics ROI will be much greater…as the independent surveys confirmed. Powerful!