Performance Analytics Assessment

The Assessment is for performance-minded organizations that want to maximize the return on intellectual assets. We explore and analyze business process and outcome measurement, how reporting and analytics support continuous performance improvement, and profile analytics data sources, technology tools and processes. A Performance Analytics Roadmap is provided at the conclusion of the Assessment with recommendations that will reduce expenses, streamline processes and strengthen performance.

Performance Measurement

“When a performance measurement process works well, measures keep us focused on what we know matters most, people feel enlightened by the measures they use and motivated to improve performance, we know what current performance actually is and why, and we know where performance should or could be and what needs to change to get there.”

From Practical Performance Measurement by Stacey Barr, Performance Measure Specialist

Performance Analytics provides answers to questions derived from an evolving understanding of business dynamics based on performance measures. The Assessment analyzes the degree to which quality, performance, productivity and cost are measured across the organization to support continuous performance improvement.

Analytics Platform

After analyzing the organization’s performance measurement processes, the Assessment profiles and analyzes the Analytics Platform – the EDW architecture, ETL processes, Data Models, Data Governance and Security and Administration.

Business Analytics

With an understanding of the organization’s Performance Measures and Analytics Platform, the Assessment profiles and analyzes the Business Analytics processes, content, cycle time and expense to develop and deploy reports and analytics across the organization.

Performance Analytics Roadmap

When the Performance Analytics Assessment has been completed and analyzed, recommendations are developed and presented in a Performance Analytics Roadmap. The Roadmap presents the information collected, comparing and contrasting current reporting practices against Performance Analytics Best Practices, and identifies opportunities for improvement.

A Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis is also presented that identifies current reporting and analytics costs, and forecasts expense savings when recommended best practices are applied. The Roadmap concludes with prioritized project recommendations to achieve maximum gain in minimum time for minimum cost.

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