PerformAlytics (Performance Analytics) leverages the power of technology by complementing operations reporting with a focus on measuring processes and outcomes and providing all employees with performance feedback to promote continuous improvement. 

Executive team performance is measured by Earnings per Share, the Income Statement and Balance Sheet, which guides their planning and strategic initiatives.  PerformAlytics provides every employee in every department with timely, relevant feedback, so they can feel ownership for their work processes and outcomes to continuously improving their performance.  Managers evolve from power-based bosses to mentors and coaches.  Business conversations become infused with references about metrics and contributing factors.  The organization culture is transformed with a winning team mentality.

In the process, significant time and cost are saved by automating data integration and report generation, which dramatically reduces the huge hidden cost and inconsistencies of manual, departmental reporting.  Here’s how to make it happen.


Define current reporting and analytic processes, identify best practice gaps and prioritize high ROI Analytics projects. Profile the performance measurement development processes, business analytics user communities and technology platform(s). More…

Performance Analytics Roadmap

The Assessment defines current practices and opportunities for improvement. The Roadmap is the Assessment deliverable that serves as a guide to sustained high performance that includes recommended projects for quick wins and high Analytics ROI.