Art McDonaldBusiness Intelligence, Inc. (BI) was founded by Art McDonald in 1990 to provide executives and managers with immediate access to information required to run the business: reports, analytics, scorecards and dashboards developed from a single source of integrated, enterprise information. The BI mission has continued to evolve, as data warehouse and business intelligence (DW/BI) technologies have standardized across vendor platforms. Today, BI provides clients with training and guidance on how performance analytics, enabled by a well-designed DW/BI platform, can measurably strengthen business process efficiency, customer satisfaction, employee productivity and ultimately, shareholder value.

BI Research

Building on over 20 years experience developing and implementing DW/BI solutions, BI recently initiated a research program to understand how leading organizations are integrating, organizing, analyzing and deploying information to support sustained high performance. The BI Research Program is being conducted by a collaboration of college/university professors and BI Associates. The results of these research programs will be progressively presented in a series of articles, as well as infused into BI Training programs and Guidance Services. As DW/BI technology continues to advance, and as business user empowerment continues to be strengthened, BI will continue exploring how information is transformed into actions that produce measurable stakeholder value.

BI Education

BI Training is designed to strengthen client business and IT communities with the required skills and knowledge to productively and cost-effectively develop and maintain an enterprise DW/BI platform. BI Training for business executives, managers and subject-matter experts focuses on how to develop, analyze and communicate performance analytics to make better, faster decisions. BI Training for the IT BI/DW support team focuses on how to iteratively develop and support a high performance, low maintenance enterprise DW/BI platform. An information empowered business community supported by a business-focused IT team is a foundation requirement for sustained high performance.

BI Guidance

BI Guidance offers a team of highly skilled and experienced business and technology experts to assist performance-driven organizations in maximizing the value of information to sustain high performance. After an initial assessment to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, a Performance Roadmap is developed as a guide in developing sustained high performance. Using BI DW/BI models that have been tried and proven over time, clients receive a series of short-term, high-priority deliverables that generate measurable value while iteratively developing business and IT community skills and experience. The BI team serves clients in varying levels of participation, from Executive Advisory Services to Program/Project Leadership to project consulting. BI’s goal is to demonstrate how information can be transformed into actionable information and shareholder value within a relatively short period of time, using an iterative, rapid development methodology.

Performance programs, like the Balance Scorecard, Six Sigma, Economic Value Added and others, require business users to have immediate access to business-critical information that measures business processes and outcomes, and provides insight into the reasons for unexpected productivity and expense variances. BI ensures that clients have a clear line of sight between these business performance requirements and the analytics required to support fast, decisive action.