Performance Analytics Best Practices


Understanding business dynamics – knowing what is happening…as it happens, and why it is happening, has been a capability possessed by only a few analytics-oriented executives in only a few leading organizations. This is rapidly changing.

As analytic tools are becoming more business-user friendly and more organizations are realizing the competitive requirement to understand and communicate business dynamics across the management team and down into the organization, empowering internal resources with the skills to analyze and communicate business dynamics throughout the organization is emerging as a new business requirement.

The Performance Analytics Best Practices course is an overview of the components, process and best practices for maximizing the value of Business Analytics. The intent is to provide executives with an understanding of how Analytics can support and promote performance initiatives.

Intended Audience

C-level executives, line of business (LOB) and strategic business unit (SBU) executives, Business Analysts and Subject Matter Experts

Course Outline


Data Warehouse

  • Best Practices
  • Data Warehouse Architecture
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Integration
  • Security and Administration

Performance Analytics

  • Best Practices
  • Performance Measures
  • Business Analytics
  • Visual Analytics



Participants will complete the program with an understanding of Performance Analytics components, processes and best practices, and the knowledge and skills needed to effectively develop a high ROI performance analytics capability.


2, 4 hour sessions